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Law Enforcement for Youth is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. We bring law enforcement and members of the community together to form our unpaid Board of Directors and volunteer group. The Board of Directors drive our organization to strive in improving and expanding current events as well as constantly seeking additional ways of raising funds for those in need. 

The funds raised by Law Enforcement for Youth are used to facilitate LEY programs. Grants are made available to at-risk, low income, and medically challenged youth and programs that serve them. Law Enforcement for Youth continues to assist in providing opportunities to youth who may not otherwise receive them. It is our firmest belief that every child has a right for the opportunity to succeed. Our youth are our best investment in the future. Please consider Helping Youth in Your Community by supporting Law Enforcement for Youth.




How LEY impacts youth in need

• Project Grant programs

• Shop with a Cop

• Assistance programs

• Youth Equipment and Sports Safety

The Sideline Kit, Concussion
Management Systems

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YESS Program

The YESS program worked with coaches, medical professionals, and parents to develop a system that would increase the potential for recognizing a potential concussion, a method of making a more objective and consistent remove from play decision, and assisting with returning athletes to play in a progressive and controlled manner.

For more info, please visit The Sideline Kit page ¡ˇěC www.thesidelinekit.org



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