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Pig Bowl click here for more info.

Each year as our primary fundraiser local Deputies, Police Officers, Troopers, Corrections Officers, and Parole and Probation officers strap on the pads for fun and for kids. 

Although the Pig Bowls use high school rules, the level of competition is at a level to compare with college or semi pro games. Past teams consisted of players with high school, college, and semi-pro experience. A few players have had professional experience both in the NFL and with Arena League teams. With experienced players and highly motivated personalities the Pig Bowl is definitely not a sandlot game.


Shoot for the Stars Auction
Law Enforcement for Youth is excited to announce a new partnership with Salem-Keizer Education Foundation. LEY is partnering with the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation as one of its board assistance programs. Law Enforcement for Youth and the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation have similar missions in helping youth in our communities. 

Please click here to learn more.



Shop with a Cop

Law Enforcement for Youth is proud to announce it will be continuing with our annual ¡°Shop with a Cop¡± program. This event provides low income and at-risk youth ages 3 to 15, an opportunity to interact in a positive way with law enforcement officers and shop for a holiday gift. Each child is provided a $25.00 gift card and partnered with a law enforcement officer. The partnership then shops for what in some cases may be one of these kids¡¯ only holiday gifts. For more info on this program, please contact Troy Clausen.


For a donation form, please click here.



¡°Back 2 School¡± Shop with a Cop
LEY has developed another youth event by introducing the ¡°Back 2 School¡± Shop with a Cop program geared at middle school students.  This event is for youth that fall within our criteria of low income, at-risk, or medically challenged, and are entering sixth through eighth grade.  For more information, please contact Chris Bangs.



Youth Equipment & Sports Safety Program

Law Enforcement for Youth's Y.E.S.S. program is dedicated to improving the safety of young athletes. Our program provides youth sports equipment grants and conducts youth sports safety seminars.  The YESS program is divided into two primary focus areas. One area seeks to improve the safety equipment used by young athletes through equipment grants for the sports of football, baseball, softball and lacrosse. The second focus area is regarding safety education. This area brings high quality safety seminars to local communities with an emphasis of concussion awareness, sports injury identification, prevention and recovery.


For more info, please visit The Sideline Kit page ¨C www.thesidelinekit.org




Speakers & Seminars

Law Enforcement for Youth periodically present special educational seminars and speakers to our community. Educational seminar topics will emphasis the safety and  growth of youth. Topics of these seminars may include stranger danger education, boater education, violence prevention, youth alcohol prevention and more.

In addition to the educational seminars special guest speakers on various topics may be used in conjunction with seminars on related topics. Other speakers may be presented in a dinner/speaker format.


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